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Map of the area 


The scenic 1,000 kilometres of cruising routes that pass by a shoreline of outstanding natural beauty, the warm clear water and an abundant fishery have attracted people to Shuswap Lake for centuries. The Shuswap Indians, for whom the lake is named, traveled these waterways long before the arrival of the first white explorers.

Shuswap Lake lies like some badly written "H" made up of four arms the Shuswap Lake Main Arm, Salmon Arm with its appendage, Mara Lake, Anstey Arm and Seymour Arm. [see map] All converge at Cinnemousun Narrows. The lake basin was gouged to a maximum depth of 162m in Seymour Arm. In other areas, depths approach 107m in the Main Arm, 119m in Anstey Arm and 131m in Salmon Arm. By contrast, nearby Mara Lake is a shallow basin no deeper that 49m.